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It's A Wrap: 2019 Year in Review

Namibia: October 2019

From beginning to end, 2019 brought about so many surprises. Some good; some not so much. All of them, however, shaped my now and prepared me for what is to come in 2020 and even this next decade that I just catapulted into.

Buh-bye 2019.

Hello 2020 ... and BEYOND!

Do I have any regrets?


Just one. Two. Or maybe a few.

That I did not take more risks.

That I sometimes second guessed my abilities.

That I overthought a few unctions before moving.

That I, at times, said "no" when I should have said "yes".

That I, at times said "yes" when I should have said "no".

That I mostly moved on to the next thing without celebrating the last.

That I beat myself up when I should have patted myself on the back.

While that list could go on and on, it would never be longer than the list of great things God did in the last year. When I declared at the top of 2019 that it would be A Year of Expansion, I had no idea how much stretching it would require me to do. But oh the beautiful marks I have to remind me of it all.

What lesson did I learn?

Be careful what kind of questions you ask God. Or maybe dare to ask Him anything, like:

"GOD...Whatcha gonna do today?"

It is more than a simple t-shirt design. It became my daily inquiry, of waiting in anticipation of Him outdoing Himself over and over again. God never came up short. With many twists and turns along the way, Yolanda Worldwide has grown by leaps and bounds just this last year alone. Among the many accomplishments are the humble beginnings of a line of products that has now become YolandaWorldwide.Shop; which promises to offer resources that are certain to upgrade you and help you to expand too.

Where have I been???

This past year, I came to not only understand, but also to embrace my evolution to Yolanda Worldwide. Surely my mandate is to be A Gateway to the Nations. As such, I got to lead others on missions and ministry trips to Belize, Guatemala, Holland, and South Africa. I also got the opportunity to travel around the United States and abroad to preach, pray and prophesy at some of the most powerful events, to include: Blessing BELIZE Missions Trip; FireStorm South Africa (CapeTown & Durban); FireStorm USA (Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas & California); Leverage Conference in Richmond, VA; The Shamar Experience in Greenville, NC; GloryFest Global Gathering (South Africa: Durban & CapeTown; Namibia); and The International Gathering of the Intercessors in The Netherlands.

Whew! I still have not fully processed it all...

What have I done???

In 2019, I published and released several new eBooks: Constant Contact, Focused Fasting for Glory Encounters: The 40-Day Journey, A Single Focus; a new paperback book: Facing the ACTS; and two t-shirts: Next Level GLORY and GOD...Whatcha gonna do today? Much more was completed and is scheduled to be released, beginning in January 2020.

As I was about to cross over into 2019, God said I would experience multiple births, even birthing 3-5 things at once. Each time a new idea dropped into the womb of my spirit I had to remind myself that God is not a liar. I just had no idea that spiritual birthing would come to seem like an aggressive chronic condition. Whatever happened to planned pregnancies? Hmmm...I actually did not understand that concept in the natural either, to be honest. Oh well!

For real labor pains...

Aside from all the spiritual birthing, God got much more creative than I could have ever imagined He would. If you follow me closely at Yolanda Worldwide on Facebook, you are aware of that not so small matter of a certain little woman of God forcing herself on the scene. KhaLanee Worldwide (my newest grandbaby) was born in April, and became my traveling companion, as her mommy is wrapping up her final year of premed studies as an honor student. She is definitely NOT spoiled. She just loves human contact...A LOT; and she enjoys giving a prophetic word every now and then.

Follow the woman of God at KhaLanee Worldwide on Instagram

When God decides to prove Himself...

God likes to be a bit dramatic sometimes. I would have totally settled for an audible announcement, but He decided to use the interjection of this beautiful, bouncing baby girl into my world to prove He had answered my prayer for increased stamina and increased capacity. The aforementioned accomplishments over the last year are proof of Him coming through in response to my requests. I produced more with the added responsibility the last several months than I did over the last several years. I could hardly keep up with all the ideas that flood my mind's eye. But baby and and all, you witnessed the vigorous birthing of thing after the other.

And guess what???

I. Am. Just. Getting. Started!

2019 was proven to be a pacesetting year for me. For you, too.

It gave me a glimpse of what is possible.

It challenged me to consider what is at stake.

It proved to me that there is always more to look forward to.

It dared me to not settle with just what I see in front of me.

It provoked me to go for it...ALL OF IT!

And in 2020 and beyond, I am inviting you to join me in my pursuit...


“Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.” God’s Decree.“Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills.

Amos 9:13 [MSG]

/ * / * / * / * / * / * / * / * / * / * /

Among the many opportunities you will have to join me is the chance to jump in now as I lead a group of people on a 21-day fast, beginning today, January 1, 2020. We are Expecting GREATER in 2020 and beyond. You are welcome to join us anytime between now and January 21, 2020. To join us, simply preorder the Focused Fasting Manual: Your Complete Guide to Fasting as a Lifestyle at YolandaWorldwide.Shop. You will be given access to join me in a private Facebook group once you have placed your order.

*Estimated shipping date for the Focused Fasting Manual (FFM) is late January. Anyone participating in the 21-Day fast will receive a courtesy copy of Focused Fasting for VISITATION: The 21-Day Journey after preordering the FFM.

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