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Catapult Cali: A Prophetic Blowout

Just like that, the power went out in the restaurant without any warning at all.

At first it seemed like a bit of an inconvenience until I grasped how prophetic this whole scenario was. I was having dinner with one of my mentees who had driven hours (along with several of her ministry partners) to attend A Prophetic Catapult (Paso Robles, CA). We were suddenly sitting in the dark with no apparent explanation of what was going on. However, this could not possibly damper our mood, as I had already received a powerful prophetic gesture sitting there at the table.

Just moments earlier, the waiter had routinely come over to us. Afterward, I looked at the screen of the device that was mounted to the table and saw the words ACCESS GRANTED. I was in awe of it so much so that I took this picture. I wanted a reminder because I knew God would give me more revelation.

As we left the restaurant we noticed it was pitch black all around us. I could even see across the way that even my hotel was affected by this power outage. Later, I sent a message to the Apostle whose church had hosted me for the event. Regarding this mysterious blackout, he said these words to me:

"Yes, we have it here as well...over 18000 people without power. Something was catapulted in the Spirit. No coincidence."

I had sensed the same before he even sent those words to me. That was a confirmation.

Now allow me to backtrack, a little, so all of this will make sense to you.

The last few years I went to the state of California numerous times. Each time I got extremely ill. In 2017, I was so sick while in California, I went to the emergency room three times on a four day trip. Two days following that trip I ended up in the hospital unconscious in ICU for five days with a poor prognosis of recovery.

Just last year I went to California twice and, again, suffered with flu like symptoms that completely wiped my voice out; and once even left me with a terrible cough that made it difficult to speak more than a few words at a time.

Through prayer and inquiries to God about this, He revealed that I was dealing with territorial spirits assigned to the entire state. It made sense because I got sick in different cities each time, not just in one location. My team and I began to combat this in prayer. We were clear that these spirits were after something great God wanted me to do in California. Ironically, I scheduled my event in Paso Robles soon after, which is one of the places I had gotten sick upon arrival last year.

You may wonder why I would go if I knew what I was up against. But that is precisely why I went.

When you identify your target, you do not run from it; you go after it head on!

As we prepared for Catapult Cali, we sensed great movement in the realm of the Spirit. We knew God would show up big for us. And He certainly did.

Night one, we broke through during prayer before the event even got started. Many erupted in a travail that cannot be explained with mere words. Day two we had planned to transition into worship to get the event started, but again God moved in prayer and the song of the Lord became our worship set instead. God completely shifted the entire event, not even allowing me to deliver the message I had already prepared. He instead charged me to speak under His unction about governing the prophetic atmosphere. Even at lunch people were still receiving breakthrough by way of repentance.

I have since even learned that the prayer team at the church that hosted the event has seen tremendous breakthrough by implementing what was released. Even as recent as today, I received a report about their preservice intercession that led to dynamic prophetic worship.

Now about this black out. Since Catapult Cali, there is still no explanation for this fluke that affected so many. But God gave me His take on the matter.

He called it a PROPHETIC BLOWOUT! We struck the bull eye on our target at A Prophetic Catapult (Paso Robles, CA).

Prior to leaving, I received a request to do A Prophetic Catapult in another city, and have also been asked to come minister in other areas in the state as well. Up to this point, I have always attended events that others ministered at to support. But now the state has opened up to me.

That sounds exactly like ACCESS GRANTED to me!

I have received countless testimonies of how others have also been prophetically catapulted in the realm of the Spirt as well. Yet I am not satisfied. There must be more!

Next up...Fort Smith, Arkansas! Meet me there!!!

See details in the flyer below. Be sure to share with a friend!

The resistance I experienced with California was one of those stubborn mountains that was posturing itself against the plan that God had for me. This past week, I released a brand new eBook, titled SO, BIG MOUNTAIN. If you have a mountain that is still trespassing in your life, you need this eBook. Just like those territorial spirits over California, your mountain has to move too!

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