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Blessing BELIZE is an annual mission trip spearheaded by Yolanda Worldwide. In June of each year, we take approximately 20 missionaries to make a great impact not only on the nation, but also those who go along with us. Each year our goal is to pour out an abundance of love, resources and time. Our five point vision/mission each year is as follows:


 1. Bless the Nation.

2. Bless the Communities.

3. Bless the Churches.

4. Bless the Missionaries.

5. Bless the Team.


Each year we distribute food; staple items to meet current needs (shoes, backpacks for kids, etc.); host community events; minister in the local and churches in surrounding areas; participate in team building exercises and equipping sessions. 


All events planned while on the mission trips are fully funded by each respective team each year. We aim to be a blessing and not leave the host missionaries with any expenses. Thank you for considering partnering with us as we take the nation of Belize for the Kingdom of God!



Guatemala -  May 2019


Yolanda Worldwide partnered with Donna Partow, Hector Torres and the Guatemalan government to serve the people of Guatemala. We had the privilege of ministering to young and old alike. The team was part of rescue missions, food distribution, providing healthcare, and organized conferences to share the gospel with the people of the nation. While we went to see transformation come to a nation, it transformed our lives as well. 


It is our vision to go back and do it again in 2020. Yolanda Worldwide plans to be a gateway to the nation of Guatemala for many others to be part of what God has already begun there.






In 2020, Yolanda Worldwide has a lofty goal of taking groups of people to many different nations…










Many will be given the opportunity to go to the nations with Yolanda Worldwide. While many are not in the season to physically travel; whatever your call is to the nations, Yolanda Worldwide is definitely a place to help you fulfill it.

How exactly do you fit? How can you GO with me to the nations?


1. Be one who is willing to raise a shield of prayer for Yolanda Worldwide and the teams who will be traveling to the nations.

2. Be one who is willing to sow into this vision to see the nations impacted by Yolanda Worldwide and the accompanying teams.

3. Be one who will join Yolanda Worldwide on one or more of the mission/ministry ventures in 2020 and beyond.


*Planning is in session for all mission trips now. Be sure to like and follow Yolanda Worldwide on Facebook to be alerted when registration opens for each trip.

*Each trip/each nation will have a specific mission/vision focus.

Want to get seed in the ground now?

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