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One definition of "focus" is "to pay particular attention to".


That is exactly what Focused Fasting is all about--setting aside time to specifically focus on God and what He wants to do as we make Him the center of our attention. This group operates corporately, but as a support channel for individual fasting as well.


Throughout the year, Yolanda leads several corporate fasts (3, 7, 21 & 40 days). There is a fasting guide that each focused faster can follow as we fast together each month or can be used for your individual fasting endeavors as well. The guides are written in devotional style and can also be used for daily inspiration even when not fasting.


As my gift to you for joining the Focused Fasting group, I have prepared a complete fasting guide (as a file in the group), Focused Fasting for BREAKTHROUGH: The 3-Day Journey.




Also available is the all-inclusive Focused Fasting Manual: Your Complete Guide to Fasting as a Lifestyle. This manual contains the following fasting guides, as well as an appendix filled gripping testimonies of the great things God did through focused fasting. Included are:

Focused Fasting for BREAKTHROUGH: The 3-Day Journey


Focused Fasting for SPIRITUAL FREEDOM: The 7-Day Journey


Focused Fasting for VISITATION: The 21-Day Journey


Focused Fasting for GLORY ENCOUNTERS: The 40-Day Journey



*Click on the graphic below to get the Focused Fasting Manual now.

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